Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bond on Bond by Roger Moore

cover of Bond on Bond by Roger Moore
People say that your favorite actor in role played by many actors is the first actor you saw in the role. I would say that is true. My favorite Doctor Who is Tom Baker, and my favorite James Bond is Roger Moore. Of course, the first time I saw Roger Moore was as the Saint. The first Bond movie that I saw was Live and Let Die. Since then, I have seen every Bond movie and read a few of the books. With this past year being the 50th anniversary of Bond, I celebrated by reading Bond on Bond: Reflections of 50 Years of James Bond Movies by Roger Moore. The book is like getting double the bang for my buck. I get to read about the highlights of the past 50 years, all from the perspective of my favorite Bond!

Roger Moore dishes on a variety of Bond topics: cars, gadgets, girls, villains, locations, and other Bonds. Of course, all are discussed from Roger’s point of view. There isn’t much that is new or earth-shattering, but then would you really expect there to be? The book is full of beautiful photos, and it’s a quick read.Bond on Bond isn’t meant to be a comprehensive analysis of the Bond movies. Note that the subtitle contains the word reflections. It’s meant to be a reflection by Roger on the phenomenon that is James Bond. Some people complained that there wasn’t much new here. That was fine with me. The book gave me what I wanted: a coffee table piece written by my favorite Bond. Maybe I’m biased, but I loved the book. I would recommend it for the movie fan, the Bond fan, or just the Roger Moore fan.

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